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I wrote this after watching some of the news reports from 2 years...wars, vanity riots, and all the lovely signs that point towards the global society devolving into blood-lusty mindless primates. cheerfulness oh boy oh yes.


A Loada Poems

Hey, y'all this is my new writing domain...so if you are interested in a bita surrealist poetry :p
Triangles of Eagles Fly - Writing.Com
And this is for my YouTube account, where I'll be posting a load of music

I'll be keeping this blog as a mini diary, see ya' later!!!


Balsamic Pork With Vinegar???


Yeah, it appears that my "genius" idea of naming the site "The Geek Chronicles" has already been taken...by a cook-thing-website and tons of inactive people...
Umm...well...I'm not going to change it again so you might as well compare my posts with Balsamic Pork With Olives or any welsh recipe you'd fancy...
Jeez-louise that was unexpected.

Yet Another Song

Hope you like it, I recorded it this morning so I can't say it's the best quality recording ever. If you want to hear more of my creations go to my youtube channel and check them out!


How To Write A D&D Campaign

 Well, well, well....this is one of my favorite-occasional-pastimes, although I must confess I don't have too much experience in taking it to an end of sorts, as every campaign  I've ever designed was designed for normal human beings with feelings and RP capabilities, not for brain-eating-loot-hunter-beasts, as my party turned out to be every. single. time.
 Needless to say every-time I failed in designing a simple enough campaign I tried writing another one from scratch...just so I can fail again.
By failure I'm referring strictly to the fact that the campaign was either too hard to follow or too "puzzley and not action-packed enough" ...what can I say? I am more inclined to write something a tad bit intelligent than "Your family is dead. Now kill goblins. Now loot. Pull lever. What is above your head. Roll perception.  You are dead." (I tried to and it didn't work).

Part 1: The Players

So, back to the title, writing a campaign is extremely easy and intuitive if you already have the "vocation" to do it, the end product however might not, however be satisfying for your players and that's where it becomes pretty tricky.
 The 4th ed DM Guide explains it pretty well: You must know your players. And you must also understand that your game sessions, however good your setting, feeling, dungeon etc. might be, it isn't always going to be a perfect game, because of the players, and that's not necessarily a bad thing.
I mean, they're human beings, they're going to need to go do stuff while playing, that includes eating, speaking OOC and just being a troll. Sure this can all be avoided by getting a dedicated group, but for the casual "I just wanna try it" group there aren't many chances that this will be the case. And to be honest it's kind of hard to get players anyway because of the whole "nerd" stereotype that surrounds the game, I mean, when I asked my friends if they wanted to give it a shot most of them were either plain "rude" and said stuff like " Get that thing out of my face" (that's what she said) or just "nah". I found out that they didn't want to play because it's nerdy, not because of the idea itself, which they liked.
 The DM guide divides the players into eight types:

Power Gamers

Now, it's obvious that these player types were made so that you have a wider, better idea of how people are generally gonna react to whatever you put on the table and how to please them all.
So think about your players and how their psychology fits into the stereotypes, it's really not that hard to assign them, for example one of my players is very excited about shields.Any kind of shield will do, any story will fit into his expectations and suit him as long as he has a shield. Strangely enough(or not at all)  this player has a very stoic physical build and likes to smash things with his forehead.
Another one of my players liked the Idea of being an illiterate barbarian and eating hearts while running around naked, you get the point. Don't ask me how I put this group together...

More on players and how to write a D&D campaign in the next post, so stay tuned!


The Geek Chronicles

  Some of you might have noticed that the blog's URL was changed...from obvious reasons as well...an url that's 22 characters (not including the ".blogspot.com" bit) is not likely to be memorized or liked, as a matter of fact!
  I changed it to The Geek Chronicles because, taking a close look at everything I've written since I started the blog is Geek Culture...what can I say? I just can't help it, IT'S TOO COOL!!!
  So what should you expect to see here?
A mighty shittonne of music and RPG-related coolness!!! Oh...and the usual mind-turned-blue post from now and then...But you don't have to read that one if you don't want it :P


What is Vocation?

 Yeap, I'll start by admitting that my "Hey look at me I'm back, I'm back" post was kind of a letdown, seeming as there's been almost a month since I wrote anything from that point...
  So, these past weeks I've been doing some serious thinking...no real theme, just thinking, the kind of thinking you do when you have a lot of time on your hands and nothing to do with it, the result was...ominous to say the least, as it always seems to happen.
  This week my school's assembly material was based on the idea of a "Holy Vocation", or a preset goal in your life that you are supposed to achieve at some point in your life ( If not throughout it, excuse my "relativeness") 
  Now, this assembly was placed around the idea of religion more than anything, particularly the Roman-Catholic side of view, but the whole idea of a vocation made me think.
In my case "vocation" is a very vague term right now, I can't really understand if Vocation refers to the feeling of "being on the right track" or just the notion of finding the mentioned path.
To be honest, I don't care about vocations or finding my predestined road because I think "hey, if it's meant to happen, it will"...(even though I am completely clueless about where this life of mine is heading to right now(maybe cuz I'm fifteen, derpa-hurp)).
  And now for some appropriate music =)))